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Pixelnet was created in 1999 through the union of two worlds: education and information technology. The idea of Pixelnet’s founders and directors was to be able to apply state-of-the-art e-learning technology – then a recent introduction – to the development of online educational projects in study fields which, up until then, had been considered unreachable for e-learning modes; such as Health Sciences.

The challenge of introducing e-learning into those fields turned out to be such an overwhelming success that many public and private education providers were convinced of the viability of applying this online approach to any process which involved learning knowledge and skills.

Later on, the gained experience in e-learning in the field of education was expanded to business, creating online corporate training projects for small, medium and large companies. Thus, we succeeded in introducing the concept of Online Corporate Training into the local sphere. Scientific measurements of the results of these educational experiences, showing the advantages of e-learning, were presented and published at multiple conferences, finally convincing even those most skeptical. Today, e-learning is considered an established and internationally validated system.

One of the core ideas is that each participant in the system should focus on their own activity. There is no need for teachers or trainers to learn computer sciences. On the contrary, they should devote themselves exclusively to teaching their knowledge and leave the process of virtualization and content transmission to the technicians. This concept encouraged teachers, professionals and businesspeople to adopt e-learning.

The reduction in costs, the use of open-source software and the concept of cloud computing helped us to cut costs and enabled more organizations to afford the system.

Thanks to later advances in communication services, Internet speed, and hardware capacity and accessibility, e-learning was brought to previously unreachable regions and to students of all social backgrounds.

Pixelnet is still at the cutting edge of e-learning, continuously incorporating new technology and innovative methods, helping education to be even more democratic and reach everywhere, no matter the distance. 

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