We create quality educational content, courses and training programs based on the files you send to us or on the classes delivered by your teachers. We can also create everything from scratch in collaboration with your trainers.

  • Consultancy on teaching techniques
  • Consultancy on the best way to communicate a subject topic
  • Graphic design
  • Class recording in our studios or in your organization/business
  • Turning your procedure handbooks into interactive classes
  • Compatibility with any e-learning platform
  • Completed class delivery in DVD format to watch on TV or a PC or to install on any kind of virtual campus
  • Completed class delivery in SCORM or to an Internet address on our servers or on your business/organization’s, ready to be used.
  • A wide range of class formats: Word, Excel and PowerPoint files; linear or interactive video; flash animation, quizzes, learning games, etc.

There are many ways to virtualize a class or a training session:

  • Animated images synchronized with the actual trainer recorded on interactive video.
  • Animated images synchronized with a tailored virtual trainer
  • Animated images synchronized with the trainer’s voice, or with that of one of our professional speakers, with interactive audio
  • Animated characters which guide the student throughout the course  
  • Virtual scenarios. We digitally set your course wherever you want
  • Embedded games
  • Embedded interactive activities
  • Complete courses in game format
  • Professional speakers in every language
  • 2D or 3D cartoons with still or animated characters
  • Redesigned PowerPoint presentations synchronized with the teacher’s explanation on video or off.
  • All this is combined with all the aforementioned resources on this site, so there is an enormous variety to choose from. Our team of experts in pedagogy will help you find the best way to deliver your content.

 All works