For your project to succeed, the three components of e-learning must be perfectly expressed: hardware (server and networks), software (virtual campus) and educational content. If any of these fail the final result will be negative.

Your instructional materials can be excellent, but if servers do not bring them to every student in a fast and effective way, they will be worthless. Therefore, we have the best servers and virtual classrooms and we will also give you advice on how to produce materials of the highest graphic and educational quality.

There are plenty of digital resources on offer, but the key is to use the minimum necessary to create a pleasant user experience for both students and teachers without overwhelming them with technology that can have a negative effect if used wrongly. That is why every case will be analyzed individually.

The cost of the project will depend on which tasks you leave in our hands and which you decide to do yourself. You should estimate the cost of building your own team of experienced professionals to be responsible for the multiple activities involved in delivering a distance course or degree program, against leaving everything to Pixelnet, a company with 10 years experience in the field of e-learning.

There is an initial cost related to the campus setup and then a monthly cost which will depend on which tasks we are required to do and which tasks will be undertaken by yourself.

We provide different services according to your needs

  • Modular plan (you decide which modules of the e-learning process you want to hire from us)
  • Self-management Plan (installation hosting technical support)
  • Integral plan (we will be responsible for the entire process)
  • Consultancy
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Integration with your organization’s e-learning department
  • Creation and development of an e-learning department for your institution

 All works