e learning 3d copia

Add realism to your training programs and educational courses  

  • The world of e-learning has also been revolutionized by new 3D technologies.
  • Theory classes, workshops, practice sessions or training programs are recorded with high resolution 3D cameras. Those recordings are the input for creating 2D and 3D educational content.
  • 3D content can be viewed on any TV or PC, wearing one-dollar 3D glasses, or even on a smartphone with a regular screen.
  • Versions for 3D LED with passive or active glasses.
  • Add realism to your classes.
  • Presentation of your business activities so your employees can be trained in a more realistic way thanks to this technology.
  • Role-playing in 3D.
  • Recording of products, samples, items, production phases, equipment … all in 3D.

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