knoledge transfer copia


Would you like to deliver courses using your own staff and your own servers?

We can train and transfer all the necessary knowledge to your team so they can handle all the e-learning processes within your own business or institution. By the end of the course, you will no longer depend on a third-party, you will have your own campus working on your own servers and your team of professionals will be ready to manage all the tasks involved in the e-learning process.

The training courses can be delivered in person – at our premises or at your facilities within Buenos Aires City – or through online videoconferencing. After the course, we can provide you with continuous technical support, if you want it.


Topics covered by the course

  • E-learning servers: renting, dimensioning, requirements, security
  • Open-source virtual campuses: selection, installation, customization, setting up of parameters
  • Campus management
  • Design of educational content


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