Your staff can begin to deliver courses right away with your own installation of Moodle while we train them

  • We provide expert advice on the installation, customization and use of Moodle
  • Training on any Moodle-related topic via e-mail, teleconference or face-to-face
  • 24-hour helpdesk for problem solving
  • We provide expert advice on the development of high-quality educational content using authoring software
  • Consultancy on the installation and use of videoconferencing channels on Moodle
  • Consultancy on teaching techniques
  • Training for teachers on their tutoring tasks
  • Training on the automated examination systems

Relax! With our consultancy service you can have your Moodle installation running immediately and smoothly with no risks to your courses’ continuity and effectiveness, while your staff are trained and gradually take charge of it.


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