Live Online Classes

 Our online class services offer the following features:

  • Students watch and listen to the teacher delivering the class, while being able to “raise their hand” and ask a question.
  • The class includes an incorporated-text chat channel with advanced features.
  • The teacher and the students can interact via video chat. Each of them is able to stream video using their webcam. The teacher can enable and disable the students’ microphones and webcams. 
  • Shared smart boards.
  • Shared documents. The teacher can open any kind of document or file on the board and work on it, while students watch and also work on those same documents or files.
  • Shared desk. The teacher can enable students to see all the materials on his or her desk.
  • Recording of the session for later reproduction on demand; thus configuring a new course.
  • No need to install any software on your computer or your students’. Only an Internet connection, microphone and webcam are required.
  • Totally intuitive, easy to use by just clicking a button.
  • If needed, technical assistance can be provided by our company’s staff during the class.
  • Systems of interactive videoconferencing indexed via flash video streaming.
  • This enables interaction between students and the virtualized teacher.
  • Students are not required to install any extra software.
  • No need to download any video file onto your computer.
  • It will not burden or slow down your website.
  • Immediate visualization.
  • We record the events and store them on our servers.
  • We index the event so you can pick from a menu the part you want to see.
  • We synchronize the video with the teacher’s Power Point presentation.

 All works